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Ever wondered how Tsunade met Shizune and what their relationship is exactly? When Shizune found the note, she couldn't find Tsunade anywhere which left her the choice to use the Transformation Technique to pose as Tsunade. Tiffany coyne naked. I had heard about what she did to Naruto when he disrespected her, and I also suffered a similar fate when I struggled to understand something she had said. Shizune x tsunade. With relief she realises that Kakashi was behind her. General Information Super Name Shizune. Futanari porn galleries. KinjiraretaNingyou Featured By Owner Nov 29, Bomb Explosives Kunai Makibishi Shuriken.

Her talent in the medical field is rivalled only by that of Sakura Haruno and Tsunade herself. Shizune's breath hitched and she pushed herself forward, pressing their bodies together. Mizore draws TsuShizu TsunaShizu Tsunade x Shizune ShizuTsu Shizune x Tsunade Tsunade Senju Shizune Kato Naruto I really love family stories I don't know why. After Kishimaru died, you retrieved Nuibari as you were his first choice as a successor. I love you right?

Shizune is present, carrying Tonton, when Team Kakashi return from their mission. Energy-Enhanced Strike Healing Marksmanship Poisonous Weapon Master Wind Bursts. Shizune x tsunade. World first porn star. Luckily, Naruto and Jiraiya are searching for the 5th hokage since Jiraiya didn't want to take the position.

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You saw a shadowed figure walk towards you. Channel west coast nude. Call it a mansion cuz idk what its called and don't have internet now. You suddenly see a woman in a blue cloak with grey hair land infront of you. This time I went for a more faithful depiction of the Hokage's office than back in the day. Shizune x tsunade. Seibri--Rataku Featured By Owner Oct 13, As a result, she is the one who tends to stress over details, such as Tsunade's tendency to gamble and to think with her heart.

As the operation went on, Shizune noted that even though they were using Neji's hair as a medium to heal the wounds, that every strand of hair had to be affected by chakra control. JavaScript is required to view this site. A kunoichi from the hidden leaf village. Nepali school girls. A Broken Promise by Sarroush reviews When Tsunade woke up from her coma, she made a promise to Shizune. Click here to continue to DeviantArt Deviant Art. Please enter a valid date format mm-dd-yyyy. I'm going to change that soon.

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However, not even ten minutes later, the younger woman was swooning just a bit, slurring words a little and her face flushed a bright pink. Shizune and Tsunade try to raise funds to support the center, and although they secure the necessary money to support the center for a year, they are met with opposition from Kido, who convinces the council to fund the Anbu for next year. Please consider turning it on! I'm actually not a yuri fan Not at all xD But absolutely amazing art is art, right?

I walked down to kitcchen to see them pulling him in diffrent directions. With an apology to the store owner, the Hokage wrapped an arm around Shizune's waist, heaved her up and walked out. Why do they keep talking about me?

She quickly ran towards you with a kunai in each of her hands. Shizune x tsunade. As Shizune moved to aid Sakura who was being targeted first, the imposters are taken out by Naruto's shadow clone who had just arrived.

She was a princess since birth, pirate by choice. I like the way Shizune's sitting, with her legs dangling and kicking her feet a bit while cuddling the incapacitated Tsunade It's so obvious, yes, but it's also so right.

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